The Boss Baby: Family Business 2021

8.00 /10
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The Templeton brothers — Tim and his Boss Baby little bro Ted — have become adults and drifted away from each other. But a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach and a can-do attitude is about to bring them together again … and inspire a new family business.



Theodore Templeton (voice)

Tim Templeton (voice)

Dr. Armstrong (voice)

Carol Templeton (voice)

Janice Templeton (voice)

Ted Templeton (voice)

Επίσημος τίτλος:

The Boss Baby: Family Business






82.000.000 €


37.893.745 €





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Release Date:

01 / 07 / 2021



Mark Cendrowski

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Theodore Templeton (voice)

Tim Templeton (voice)

Dr. Armstrong (voice)

Carol Templeton (voice)

Janice Templeton (voice)

Ted Templeton (voice)

Tina Templeton (voice)

Tabitha Templeton (voice)

Wizzie (voice)

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