Bambi 1942

7.00 /10
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Bambi's tale unfolds from season to season as the young prince of the forest learns about life, love, and friends.




Young Bambi (voice) (uncredited)

Young Thumper (voice) (uncredited)

Young Flower (voice) (uncredited)

Young Faline (voice) (uncredited)

Friend Owl (voice) (uncredited)

Adolescent Bambi (voice) (uncredited)

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858.000 €


267.447.150 €





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Release Date:

11 / 02 / 1942



Mark Cendrowski

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Young Bambi (voice) (uncredited)

Young Thumper (voice) (uncredited)

Young Flower (voice) (uncredited)

Young Faline (voice) (uncredited)

Friend Owl (voice) (uncredited)

Adolescent Bambi (voice) (uncredited)

Adolescent Faline (voice) (uncredited)

Adolescent Thumper / Adolescent Flower (voice) (uncredited)

Adult Thumper (voice) (uncredited)

Adult Flower (voice) (uncredited)

Mr. Mole (voice) (uncredited)

Girl Bunny / Quail Mother / Female Pheasant (voice) (uncredited)

Bullfrog (voice) (uncredited)

Birds (voice) (uncredited)

Birds (voice)

Birds (voice)



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